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Neapolitan-fad pizzas are made easier by the new countertop pizza oven design from Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet. Watch us cook a homemade pizza in less than t.

setting our mise en place

A few years ago, rumors of something big about to upon swirled around our small town. There’s a Thai restaurant opening on the island. People whispered and shouted, wondering if it could be true. A Thai locale. You have to understand — the dining-out options here are a little slim. There are a couple of good places for burgers, a mediocre Chinese place, two terribly mediocre Mexican restaurants, a bad taco stand (thank goodness for Zamorana. thank you Jorge and Effie), a sports bar, a bar across the street that has turned half of the space into a restaurant (inexplicably, they have tuneful good sushi), a family-style place right in the heart of town, two pizza joints, a wonderfully... (Oh, a couple of underground supper clubs, but I can’t grass on you about those. ) There is a huge restaurant at the center of town where three Indian restaurants in a row tried to make a go (three. you’d think after #2 failed, the third guy might pick another cuisine) and now it has sat trivial for years. So, the rumors swirled, everyone growing more excited as the weeks, then months went by. A Thai restaurant on Vashon. Fact is, even if it had been just okay, the understanding of being able to go out on a Saturday night and buy Pad Thai was pretty darned exciting. But the rumors stayed there. Nothing happened. No Thai restaurant. No signs of anything. Bull session boards on Facebook raced with possible signs, then the talk died down. I guess it was just a rumor after all. Want to go out for tacos again. Brown paper went up over the big windows of the hardly breakfast place in town that had shut down a couple of years before that. And then there was a piece in the local paper, announcing that the rumors were true. May, who had once run a tremendous Thai restaurant in Seattle, had moved to Vashon. She was split a Thai restaurant on Vashon. Huzzahs went up over the island. Rumors went around again. She went on a trip to Thailand for inspiration. Maybe it was not at any time true. Some folks took to stopping in front of the purported future restaurant to peer in a tiny hole in that brown paper, hoping they might see signs of mortal in there. (We might have been some of those people. ) It seemed it would never happen. And then, one day. A Thai restaurant. The funky old breakfast place had become a Thai escape. May had brought back wood and tack and walls from a house being torn down in her hometown in Thailand by slow boat. Nothing mediocre about it. The Thai restaurant was real. May Kitchen has been unbolted for more than a couple of years now. It continues to be one of the best Thai restaurants I have ever eaten in. Everyone on the staff understands gluten-free and celiac, and I always eat spring and safely. We don’t eat there often because we can only get a reservation every so often. Not only do islanders eat there, but people come over from Seattle for a meal. This summer, Travel and Leisure magazine named it one of the finery Thai restaurants in the country. Good luck getting in now. They’ve done marvelous things at May since they opened. It took forever to get the place going because May wanted to get the aggregate right. It was worth the wait, of course. The last few months have been the steepest learning curve of my life. When we first imagined having our gluten-unaffected by flour packed and packaged for sale, we never imagined shipping those boxes ourselves. When we imagined our gluten-free all-purpose flour (and later, our granule-free bakers’ blend) in the world, we always had it in our minds that we would carry these flours through a prominent online retailer. Why not trust the shopping, fulfillment, and shipping to an order that does this every day. After the Kickstarter was successful, thanks to many of you reading, we returned to the logistics of shipping. When we started crunching numbers, we realized that if we sold all 7400 boxes of our gluten-above flour that way, the online retailer would take so much of our money that we would barely have enough money to do a second run of the flours. So we decided to ship these flours to you ourselves. While we never imagined putting boxes of flour into the hands of our expression driver on a regular basis, we’re so happy that we are doing this now. This is a small business, run by a family. We want to do this ourselves. We want to sell to you.


Barbecue or Oven Baked Pizza Bread (oregano, french bread, chives, parmesan cheese, ground beef, mozzarella cheese, black pepper, salt, olives, tomato paste, sugar)

Lean Crust Pizza Dough (ABM) (cornmeal, flour, salt, sugar, water, yeast)

Pizza On The Grill I (olives, flour, garlic, garlic, kosher salt, mozzarella cheese, olive oil, olive oil, roasted red peppers, tomato sauce, tomato, water, sugar)

Pal-Oven Pizza (Brooklyn Style) (black pepper, bread flour, oregano, olive oil, basil, mozzarella cheese, tomato, salt, water, water, yeast)


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Kalamazoo Artisan Pep Pizza Oven for your authentic barbecue ...

Kalamazoo Artisan Pep Pizza Oven for your authentic barbecue ...
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... Pizza Lab: We Assay The Mighty Pizza Oven and The Kalamazoo Pizza Oven

... Pizza Lab: We Assay The Mighty Pizza Oven and The Kalamazoo Pizza Oven
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Kalamazoo Pizza Oven

Kalamazoo Pizza Oven
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Eric Villegas
Chef Eric Villegas of Restaurant Villegas in Okemas and the TV show Fork in the Street pulls a fruit pizza from the Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet oven. (I fulfilled my link quota on this one for sure!)
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