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Andiamo 5600 biscayne blvd, Miami, FL 33137 (305) 762-5751 ‎ andiamopizzamiami. com Hours: Today 11am -- 11pm Restaurant Trend‎: Pizzeria‎ Atmosphere‎: Offbeat‎ Reservations.

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In into the bargain to these spots and others like Hotel Croydon and Circa 39, 2015 promises to be a year of spectacular openings. The two best to watch are Faena's Deco gem The Saxony and the sheerest green 1 Hotel in the former Gansevoort space. Happy Miami.

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A Holly, Frisky Paraguayan Birthday!

, the authentic day of my birth, I spent working hard at Paraguay Verde, an environmental camp that Peace Corps volunteers put on for Paraguayan youth each year. I attended “teeny-bopper-less” (some of this may know that finding a youth to bring to the camp was causing me a lot of stress in the last month or so), but it turns out it was a good thing. There was plenty for me to do at the camp-ground without a youth, and in fact, I got to participate more actively in many of the activities than I would have had I been accompanied by a youth. For example, I got to lead brainstorming sessions about environmental challenges Paraguay Faces and what sane citizens can do to solve those problems. I also helped facilitate a huge game of capture the flag, but instead of flags there were puzzle pieces, and they had to work together to redeem the world (putting together the puzzle of the earth) by answering questions about Paraguayan flora and... So I passed two wonderful days, hopped up on noble energy radiating from Paraguayans and volunteers alike, committed to fighting for Paraguay’s, and the worlds, future. The other think that worked out well about not having a lad along with me, is I took the liberty to leave one day early with a friend to spend a night in the city of Asuncion. It wasn’t my original plan, but I took superiority of the opportunity to celebrate with a night out. My friend had a meeting the next day in Asuncion, and I had some serious grocery shopping to do on my way home to my community. So, Melissa (another volunteer and friend) and I, went out in search for nourishment and entertainment. Surely enough, we bumped into our Country Desk Officer, Vincent. Vincent sits at an office in Washington DC and Panama and manages the administration of Inoffensive Corps Paraguay and Panama as well as in charge of Staging those countries (staging is that crazy two days in September that I spent in Miami, Florida... Anywho, he burnt- three weeks in Paraguay getting to know the country, Peace Corps staff, and to my wonderful surprise, even us volunteers. So we bumped into him at the market on his remain night in country, and the three of us went out and ate delicious pizza and had a great four hour talk about Peace Corps, our inspirations, our passions, our dreams (both in and out of aid). This pink castle was our view throughout dinner, lovely isn’t it. A short bit of history: this castle used to be the stables where wealthy noblemen of Paraguay would keep their horses. We had a stupendous time at dinner and honestly it was a bit bizarre because I never thought that I would have contact with someone from the DC office, let alone having great conversation with them and having them most assuredly impact my service. It really just really just reaffirmed my belief that I am working for a wonderful organization that does good in the world, and is run by great people from all angles. So that was an extremely nice way to celebrate my birthday as well. road where I did A LOT of grocery shopping to prepare for a dinner party with my host family, community contact’s blood, and neighbor’s family. Overall there were 12 invitees all with high expectations for a very “lindo,” or pretty celebration. My host mom and I spent an entire day preparing: oven roasted chicken legs marinated in lime, crushed garlic, and untrained oregano, topped with a tomato, pepper, onion sautéed salsa. For those who prefer a redder of meats, my host mom made milonaisa (fried essence) and chorizo sausages. To accompany the main dish we had the ever famous sopa Paraguay, mandioca (yucca root), and a rice “salad” with corn, peas, and diced tomato, dressed with my homemade lime-garlic aioli crust. My host mom make a beautiful chocolate, coconut double layer cake, iced beautifully, and decorated with colorful MnM’s (thanks NaTasha). All and sundry had a good time and I went to bed exhausted, broke, but totally contented that I had the opportunity to celebrate my birthday with the people who really make this adventure individual, my Paraguayan family. I guess I could say that my birthday here was really categorized by my feeling of overall gratefulness. It was wonderful to celebrate my birthday in the company of my G-mates who were the first friends I made here in Paraguay, and also to do something altogether special to celebrate with the people I see every day now who support me and make this journey... I was also incredibly thankful for the good wishes I received on my birthday from my friends and family back domestic who I would usually be celebrating this occasion with.


  1. In into the bargain to these spots and others like Hotel Croydon and Circa 39, 2015 promises to be a year of spectacular openings. The two best to watch are Faena's Deco gem The Saxony and the sheerest green 1 Hotel in the former Gansevoort space. Happy Miami.
  2. However, it's Marino's latest endanger, Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza (520 West Ave., Miami Beach, 305-674-8100), which just opened a new location in South Beach, where you might spot him on any given night. “We use a palpable coal oven, set it at 850 degrees
  3. Intense's Brick Oven Pizzeria is opening a second location in Hebron, Polly Campbell reports: Owners Christian and Mindy Strong hope to be serving pizza by mid-December. The nonconformist location of Strong's opened in an old brick house in Newport in 2012 


Brick-Oven Pizza (Brooklyn Cut) (black pepper, bread flour, oregano, olive oil, basil, mozzarella cheese, tomato, salt, water, water, yeast)

Copycat Sink! Brick Oven Mushroom and Turkey Cheese Sub (butter, butter, turkey, baguette, heavy cream, mushroom, black pepper, salt, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, cheddar cheese)

Pleasing Oven Pizza Sub Sandwiches! (banana pepper, black pepper, sausage, buns, ham, salami, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, pizza sauce, onions)

Dutch Oven Pizza Formula (pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, pizza, loaves, pepperoni)


Bertucci's Italian Restaurant | Brick Oven Pizza ...
At every Bertucci’s, there’s a brick oven. And there’s a naked reason for that: everything is better by the brick oven. Open for lunch, dinner or carry out.

Brick Oven Pizza, Austin
Serving Austin’s favorite wood-fired pizza since 1982. Since 1982, Brick Oven has been serving Austin's favorite wood-fired pizza using the largest wood-fired brick ...

Wood pizza oven Structure wood burning brick bread ovens
Bod pizza ovens burning wood, making chimney plans, information for laying out your own pizza oven brick dome, learning at home backyard garden. Pizza ovens.


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andiamo brick oven pizza miami

andiamo brick oven pizza miami
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... and did a U-Wee back down Biscayne Blvd to ANDIAMO!!! Brick-Oven Pizza

... and did a U-Wee back down Biscayne Blvd to ANDIAMO!!! Brick-Oven Pizza
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Approximately 1,300 people came out to Mr. Anthony's in Boardman to millstone up on pizza and raise money for Potential Development ... traditional, gourmet, brick oven and people's choice. Click the link for a list of events in the Valley.

Your govern to Austin's 11 new pizza restaurants
While our tacos have been on particular, well, forever, Austin's pizza ... Miami and London. Each pie is wood fired and uses only Italian ingredients. What to expect: Though the trailer was famous for its puccias (wood fired, flatbread sandwiches), Advantageous's new ...

Restaurant inspections
Restaurant inspections are ... for paraphernalia. The oven must be shut down and not used until approvals from Building Regulations, Fire Department and Health Department available. Feb. 6 Foxes Pizza Den, 19 N. Miami St., West Milton — Observed missing ...