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20+ kitchen gadgets/tools: grater/shredder, spiral cutter, whisks, pizza wheel,+

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Dec 9, 18:30 PST
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Here's a big batch of used but useful kitchen tools & gadgets: whisks, knives, a corkscrew w/ cap, a crinkle-cutting tool, a spiral-cutting tool, a cookie dough dropper, a very old aluminum Cuby ice crusher (has a chip in the hinge but still works), 2 tea-bag mashers, 2 nutcrackers, a 6.5" tall stainless steel freestanding grater/shredder, a vintage aluminum club-shaped cookie cutter, an old aluminum ladle w/ 2" bowl, an Ekco stainless 2.75" pizza wheel, a peeler, a potato masher, a white Taylor Made plastic spatula, and a small plastic ladle.

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