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10 Must Have Kitchen Tools

Here are some fun and interesting gadgets that we don't need but definitely may want. Links To The Products: Pineapple Slicer: http://goo.

Which kitchen tools never get put away?

You'd be surprised if you stepped into my kitchen and poked around in the drawers. The latest tools and gadgets, right? The most expensive, high-end cooking equipment? Nah, not so much. I outfit my kitchen the same way I tackle clothes: A few

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Multi-Tool Skeletool CX, Leatherman, 830950

Multi-Tool Skeletool CX, Leatherman, 830950


Price: $93.56

Skeletool CX, Multi-Tool, Number of Tools 7, Number of Functions 7, Closed Length 4 In, DLC-coated Stainless Steel Handles with Carbon-fiber Handle Insert, Clip Point Blade Type, Features 154CM Stainless Steel Clip Point Knife, Needlenose Pliers, Regular Pliers, Wire Cutters, Hard-wire Cutters, Large Bit Driver, Bottle Opener, Carabiner Clip, INCLUDED BITS: Phillips #1 and #2 Bit, Screwdriver 3/16 In. and 1/4 In. Bit, Includes Removable Pocket Clip

Flexcut Tool Co 4-Piece Wood Carving Knife Set

Flexcut Tool Co 4-Piece Wood Carving Knife Set


Price: $91.34

Flexcut Knives - Flexcut 4-Piece Carving Knife Set. Model: FLEXKN100. Includes: Cutting Knife - Multi-purpose knife for roughing out and general carving; Detail Knife - The pointed tip allows for working in tight areas of detail; Pelican Knife - The rounded blade cuts in hollow areas and can be used to make rolled, slicing cuts. The relieved back allows the tip to turn in a small radius; Mini Pelican Knife - Ultra thin blade can create extremely fine detail without disturbing adjacent work. Ergonomic wood handles. High carbon steel blades. Comes with 4 pocket tool roll. Hang packaged. Flexcut carving tools are a new breed of wood carving tools created to address the needs of the modern hobbyist and professional. Designed by woodcarvers for woodcarvers, Flexcut features flexible blade shafts with razor sharp cutting edges to give woodcarvers maximum control over each cut. Each blade is precision-machined from high carbon content steel for a hard cutting edge that stays sharp. Each blade is hand-sharpened at the factory and tested before shipping. The tools have ergonomically designed handles that enable long periods of carving without hand fatigue.

Kitchen Guide

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Cooks' Tools

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Which kitchen tools never get put away? - News & Observer

You’d be surprised if you stepped into my kitchen and poked around in the drawers. The latest tools and gadgets, right. I outfit my kitchen the same way I tackle clothes: A few investment pieces, mostly classics, like a heavy-duty mixer and a single chef’s knife. A few cheaper fill-ins, like paring knives and vegetable peelers. Two sets of measuring spoons, one for wet and one for dry, because recipes are faster if you don’t have to stop and rinse things. Then there are a few things that are so useful, they might as well not have a spot in the tool drawer. A fish spatula. It has a lot more uses than lifting a delicate piece of fish. A fish spatula is different than the flat metal spatula that’s sometimes called a pancake flipper. The metal blade is thin with open slots, which makes it a little flexible. The shape of the blade, with a wide lip and a narrow back, is perfect for maneuvering under things or scooting under meat without tearing the skin. You can find one for less than $15. 2. Short locking tongs. Sadly, the best pair I’ve ever had, with a bulb-shaped handle you can open and close with a quick move of your palm, were given to me by a friend who works for OXO. OXO apparently made them for sale only in Japan, where people are really into short tongs. In America, we have to settle for the kind with a flat locking pin that’s not quite as easy to use. Still, the point here is shortness. Long tongs are great for grilling, where you need distance. At the stove, short tongs, 9 inches instead of 12 or 18, are the way to go. They give you ease of movement, so you can really grab things and move them quickly. The tongs usually cost about $12. 3. Bench scrap shovel. Bench scrapers are usually small and flat, designed for working with pastry dough. The one I love has a wide blade with edges, so I can scoop up big piles of diced vegetables without having them fall over the side. I found one at Sur La Table several years ago. It doesn’t turn up on the store website anymore, but there is a version made by the Harold Import Co. on Amazon. com for $15. Look for “bench scraper shovel and food scoop. ” Rachael Ray Tools makes a similar style. There you go, my three favorites.


  1. You'd be surprised if you stepped into my kitchen and poked around in the drawers. The latest tools and gadgets, right? The most expensive, high-end cooking equipment? Nah, not so much. I outfit my kitchen the same way I tackle clothes: A few
  2. Believe it or not, the Ultimate Cutting Board is the fourth reimagined cutting board to come to Kickstarter in the last six months. There was the Frankfurter Brett, the ChopTainer, and the B. Sprout 2000, the last of which was specifically designed for
  3. Maybe this has happened to you. You have a really nice wooden mixing spoon. It's your favorite—the one you always reach for whenever you're stirring something in the kitchen. You mix up a batch of something sticky like raw date bars, and then you feel
  1. 10 Handy Kitchen Tools! #RT #spon
  2. Find out what tools are essential in a homesteader's kitchen. Let's be honest. Simple living isn't a
  3. Win a CRU Dinnerware Collection and OXO Kitchen Tools13 ->


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Kickin Kitchen Sink Stir Fry Recipe (rice, water chestnuts, garlic, baby carrot, seasoning, parmesan cheese, red pepper, salt, mustard powder, garlic, stir fry sauce, worcestershire sauce, mushroom, grape tomatoes, onions, yellow squash, zest)


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Spring Forward Plate (fuji_plate)

Price: $27.85

Spring time fun is on it's way.<br /> Great plates for spring and summer entertaining.<br /> Angestelle Logo designs 2018~


Box with buffet Man At work (ivoke_lunchbox)

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Garlic My Soul • Top 10: Must Have Kitchen Tools

Garlic My Soul • Top 10: Must Have Kitchen Tools
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Elevate Kitchen Tools by Joseph Joseph

Elevate Kitchen Tools by Joseph Joseph
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Kitchen Knife Set / Kitchen Tools Set - China Kitchen Tools, Kitchen ...

Kitchen Knife Set / Kitchen Tools Set - China Kitchen Tools, Kitchen ...
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